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Gold Dipped Roses
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24k Gold Trimmed Color Roses
24k Gold Trimmed Two Tone Color Roses
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Platinum Trimmed Color Roses
Platinum Trimmed Two Tone Color Roses
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24k Gold Trimmed Two Tone Color Roses
These fresh cut color rose begins in the same fashion as the gold dipped and platinum dipped roses. Only those roses selected for exquisite quality and shape are considered. After a prime specimen is picked, it goes through a 40-step process that will take 7 days to complete from start to finish. Each rose's vibrant color is captured in lacquer, and then trimmed in rich 24-karat gold to preserve true beauty. Available in an approximate length of 12 and 17 inches, the roses are offered in 11 different colors. Such care and attention results in some of the world's most beautiful lacquered, 24k gold trimmed two tone color roses, that can literally last forever. ©

A. Single 12 inch Rose in Red Box
B. Single 12 inch Rose with Vase in Green Box
C. Single 17 inch Rose with Cream Box
gold trimmed roses
Red Two Tone
A. item # CGR-21
B. item # CGR-21V
C. item # LGR-21
Burgundy Two Tone
A. item # CGR-22
B. item # CGR-22V
C. item # LGR-22
Light Blue Two Tone
Light Blue
A. item # CGR-23
B. item # CGR-23V
C. item # LGR-23
Dark Green Two Tone
Dark Green
A. item # CGR-25
B. item # CGR-25V
C. item # LGR-25
Orange Two Tone
A. item # CGR-26
B. item # CGR-26V
C. item # LGR-26

Bright Red
Bright Red
A. item # CGR-27
B. item # CGR-27V
C. item # LGR-27
Light Green
Light Green
A. item # CGR-28
B. item # CGR-28V
C. item # LGR-28
Dark Blue
Dark Blue
A. item # CGR-29
B. item # CGR-29V
C. item # LGR-29
A. item # CGR-30
B. item # CGR-30V
C. item # LGR-30
A. item # CGR-31
B. item # CGR-31V
C. item # LGR-31

A. item # CGR-32
B. item # CGR-32V
C. item # LGR-32

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